InnscidSP 2019

Pedro Ivo Ferraz da Silva

Environment and Science, Technology & Innovation Section, Embassy of Brazil in New Delhi; and Co-Founder/Executive Coordinator InnSciD SP

Secretary Pedro Ivo Silva is a career diplomat and is the Head of the Energy, Environment and Science, Technology & Innovation Section of the Brazilian Embassy in New Delhi. He worked as Deputy Head of the Division of Information Society of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was the Brazilian representative to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). He conceptualized and co-organized the São Paulo Innovation and Science Diplomacy School (InnSciD SP). Prior to joining the Brazilian Foreign Service, Pedro was the Director for Customer Services at Comptel Communications in São Paulo, Brazil, and Software Development Coordinator at Siemens AG in Munich, Germany. Pedro holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (2000) and in Philosophy (2009) and a M.Sc. in Philosophy of Technology (2013).


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Prof. Carlos Afonso Nobre

Prof. Dr Soumitra Dutta

Prof. Dr Ester Cerdeira Sabino

Dr Silvio Meira

Dr Paulo Marchiori Buss

Executive Commitee

Pedro Ivo Ferraz da Silva

Janina Onuki

Guilherme Ary Plonski

Moacyr Martucci Júnior